Installing Internet At Your New Home? Switch To A Fibre Optic Connection

The internet, admittedly, has been around for decades now. Nonetheless, it is in recent years where more and more people have become fully dependent on online access. From work to gaming, communication to school work, it can be challenging to go an entire day without an internet connection. However, if you have been employing copper cabling technology for this service, you are likely accustomed to slow speeds or no internet at all. For that reason, you should consider upgrading your connection via fibre optic cabling. Instead of electricity, your data is transmitted via light with this type of cabling system. If you are installing the internet at your new home, read on to learn why you should switch to a fibre optic connection.

Drastically increased speeds

As mentioned above, fibre optic cabling works by transmitting your data at a speed as fast as light, which is vastly different from copper cabling that transmits via electricity. This characteristic means you will notice a drastic increase at the rate you both download and upload data online. For instance, when clicking a new page on a website, it will take much less time to load than with copper cabling that will take a couple of seconds or more. You should bear in mind that the speed your internet will be working at is dependent on the bandwidth that you pay for from the provider. The higher the bandwidth, the faster your internet connection. It is worth noting that the number of users will affect bandwidth availability. Hence, you should factor in the number of residents in your home when selecting your bandwidth.

Significantly improved security

You may not be prioritising security for your residential internet connection, but this is just as important as it would be for a business. If you shop online occasionally, are active on social media or simply will input personal information from time to time, then you need to keep your data safe. Copper cabling is highly vulnerable to hacking by unscrupulous individuals can easily tap into your network. As a result, they get access to all the data you are uploading and downloading. Fibre optic cabling, conversely, is much more secure since it is dielectric. This means it does not emit any electromagnetic signals and thus does not give off any data. In addition to this, since this type of cabling comprises glass, any harm will immediately alert your internet service provider.

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